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September 5th, 2022
Mon, Tues 7-9PM | Sat 9-11AM EST

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This is a comprehensive program unlike any other in the industry. We cater to beginners by teaching you information security from the ground up. Our course will give you the experience and competitive edge you need to land positions or get promoted in the field of Cyber Security.

This Program have been tried and proven many times over. If you're ready, let's get started!

What's Included With the Program

Learn the Basics

We kick things off by catering to beginners. We will get you familiarized with basic IT terminologies and concepts.

Security Compliance

Once you've learned the basics, we will show you how to apply the NIST Risk management Framework (RMF) to enterprise systems.
Learning this skill alone can provide you with a lucrative career!

Cyber Security Engineering

You will develop a virtual lab environment where you will learn how to use the popular security tools such as SPLUNK, Nessus and Wireshark and more. These are the most popular tools in use by major companies today.

Ethical Hacking

We will practice our hacking skills using Kali Linux tools (i.e. Metasploit Framework).  You will learn to hack wired and wireless networks. If you can think like an hacker, you will be better suited to defend against them. Not to mention this will be impressive to discuss your hacking skills during your job interview ?

Cyber-Security Projects

With mentorship and guidance from Real World Cyber-Security professionals, you will engage in Cyber-Security Projects. These projects are noteworthy for your resume.

Job Coaching

After your training is complete, you will learn effective techniques for writing an effective resume, how to interview for positions and have access to all our resources for job placement.

If you're ready, let's get Started!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Enrollment Process

You can enroll by click on the Pricing & registration Button or you can contact us at 301-576-2977. Our registrar will then contact you to ensure you full understand our Non-Disclosure Agreement, Registration Term and Payment Plan (for those that option for a payment plan). These documents will be sent to your email for review and signature.

Once you are registered, we will schedule your first mentorship interview with your assigned mentor. You will create a customized career development plan with your mentor and discuss preparatory assignments for you to complete before the first day of class. We start grooming you for your career right away so we recommend you register early so you can get a head start. 

What Mentorship Services Will I Receive 

In addition to having a certified instructor to teach you fundamentals and IT-Security concepts, you will also have an assigned mentor that will be accessible by phone and email when you have questions or require some guidance. You will meet with your mentor periodically throughout the program. After completing the program, you will be assigned a job coach that will help you draft an attractive resume and conduct mock interviews. 

May I visit a class before I make my decision?

Absolutely! you can shadow a class anytime. give us a call or email us at 301-576-2977 | [email protected]

Do you have Testimonial Videos I can Watch?

Yes we do. For privacy reasons they are not all publicly accessible. Send an  email  to [email protected] and we will send you a link for private viewing. 

Who is this program designed for?

Those looking to start/change their Career to Cyber-Security | Cyber-Professionals looking to gain more confidence/promotions in their current work

"I powered through a rigorous six month program of learning career development and was able to land a job with my dream company"


"Before PJ Pros I had a very difficult time finding a job in Cyber security, even with Security+ certification. Through the help of gaining hands on experience from Paul I was able to kill it on my interview and land the dream job of my career."