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April 4, 2022
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The AZ 500: Microsoft Azure Security Engineer Exam was created by Microsoft. This exam measures your ability to accomplish the following technical tasks:

•Manage Identity and Access
•Implement Platform Protection
•Manage Security Operations
•Secure Data and Applications

This Program have been tried and proven many times over. If you're ready, let's get started!

What's Included With the Program

Learn the Basics

We kick things off by catering to beginners. Register Early and start working with a certified instructor who will get you familiarized with basic IT terminologies and concepts.

Earn a Certificate that will make you Job Ready

Our industry experts will provide you with hands-on lab experience. You will learn by working in a SOC environment. Our learning program is equivalent to working as a Junior Cloud Security Analyst. 

Manage Identity and Access Control

Configure and manage identities using Azure Active Directory (AAD). Configure custom domains, dynamic groups, set access permissions for applications, implement Multi-Factor Authentication and more!

Implement Platform Protection

Learn Cloud shell programming while you create network security groups and different subnets. Learn to optimize your network via NAT and configuring your cloud firewall to permit and deny traffic of interest. This program will teach you how to develop virtual private gateway for your application and assets on-premises.

Manage Security Operations

Develop workflow automation. Limit attack surface by enforcing Just in Time Access. Learn advance cloud defense strategies and state of the art AI tools like Azure Sentinel.

Secure Data and Applications

Learn key management strategies using Azure Key Vault. Create and Encrypt databases. Create secure storage accounts and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the AZ 500 exam include labs?

Yes, labs are included and can be on any topic in the syllabus.

Can we attend class in person?

Currently, we are hosting online classes until we are given permission from the state to return to in person classes. Till then we will host classes online and continue hybrid learning once we return to normalcy.

Does my AZ 500 certification expire?

Yes, you have two years after pass date before you have to renew the certification.

Are labs and study materials included?

Yes, all materials related to AZ 500 certification will be provided. Additionally, your voucher is also included in course cost.