Fundamentals of IT

This course cater to beginners. Learn basic IT terminologies and typical job roles that support an IT Department.

Course Summary

 In this foundational course, our objective is as follows:
🔘 Review basic IT terms
🔘Learn about the inter-working of an IT Department.
🔘Understand how cyber-security fits into the big picture of running a business

🔘PJ Courses cater to beginners. If you do not have any work experience in IT, this course will help you visualize how IT works in real life. I believe that if you can imagine your future workplace it will start to feel less intimidating. Rather, it will become more realistic and less complicated in your mind. By the end of this course, you should become familiar with IT terms like the Active Directory, DNS servers, switches, routers, IT Operations, OCISO and the concept of the “internet”. If you have IT experience but not familiar with any of the terms I just mentioned, then this course is for you as well.
I strongly recommend everyone follow my effective learning steps for each video in this course:

Step 1 – Watch the video for understanding (do not take notes)
Step 2 – Watch the video and take notes (on a serious notebook, not a napkin 😉 )
Step 3 – Complete the quiz using only your notes (update your notes as necessary)

By following these steps, you will really be able to conceptualize the topics rather than memorize them in your short-term memory. There might be times when you are tempted to skip a step, try and fight the urge.

 Are you ready? let’s get started!  

Fair warning, you only get one chance to complete your quiz so make sure you try your best each time. The quizzes are designed to be thought provoking and is a reflection of how well you grasp the concepts presented in the videos.

Course Curriculum

Paul Oyelakin

Paul Oyelakin, founder of PJ Courses, is an experienced IT Security Professional with a broad-range of technical and management skills. He has more than 11 years of management and support experience.
Past accomplishments include but is not limited to: Application Development (SDLC), Azure Cloud Secruity, Risk Management/Gap Analysis, Contingency Planning (CP), Disaster Recovery (DR), Incident Response, System Assessment and Authorization (A&A), Security Awareness Training and more. 

His educational accomplishments are: Azure Security Engineer Associates (AZ-500), Certified Ethical hacker (CEH) - Master, Cisco Certified Entry network Technician (CCENT), Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP), Master’s Of Cybersecurity (M.S.), Masters of Business Administration (MBA),  Professional Scrum Master I (PSM I), Project Management Professional (PMP) and more. 

"It is a good experience taking the course with me having most computer and network knowledge and taking this course is learning new skills for better opportunities on the Job Market ."
Famia k
"Enjoyed the instructors energy and fun nature in explaining the topics. He made the course interesting and easy to understand through relatable examples."
Kay Coleman
"The course put me in a real world scenario and has helped me gain a better understanding of how cyber security works. I am so glad i have this course because i can use it for a reference point from here on. Thank you for the very pointed simulations."
Michael Morrison


Cancel Anytime. Learn on your own time with short, well video explainers. Each course incorporate true-to-life learning techniques that teach you how to apply your learning in the real world. 

“There are some things you have to experience to understand.”



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