Cyber-Security LAB Preparation

In this courses we will show you how to build your home lab [free of charge]. This is the foundation you need for pentesting and security engineering!

Course Summary

 As a cyber-security professional it is important for you to get as much hand on experience as possible by experimenting with different technologies. This course teaches you how to create a test environment where you can eventually learn security engineering and/or penetration testing (aka ethical hacking). The objective of this course is to minimize cost by leveraging virtualization technology and open source software that are commonly used by IT Professionals in the field today.  Like most of the courses on PJCourses, we cater to beginners, so we will show you how to build your lab from start to finish. In this course, we will create the following virtual machines:  Windows 10 Windows Server 2019 Kali Linux After you create your virtual machine, you will set up an enterprise level infrastructure by creating an Active Directory server and domain joined machines.
 We will Learn basic Linux and Windows commands Review general IT concepts like subnets Learn how to troubleshoot Beginners with no work experience in IT, we designed this course for you. Take the time to review the fundamentals of IT and Cyber-Security. And please follow my process of effective learning: Step 1 – Watch the video for understanding (do not take notes) Step 2 – Watch the video and take notes (on a serious notebook, not a napkin 😉 ) Step 3 – Complete the quiz using only your notes (update your notes as necessary) Fair warning, you only get one chance to complete your quiz so make sure you follow the steps listed above. The quiz is a reflection of how well you grasp the concepts presented in the videos.

Course Curriculum

Paul Oyelakin

Paul Oyelakin, founder of PJ Courses, is an experienced IT Security Professional with a broad-range of technical and management skills. He has more than 11 years of management and support experience.
Past accomplishments include but is not limited to: Application Development (SDLC), Azure Cloud Secruity, Risk Management/Gap Analysis, Contingency Planning (CP), Disaster Recovery (DR), Incident Response, System Assessment and Authorization (A&A), Security Awareness Training and more. 

His educational accomplishments are: Azure Security Engineer Associates (AZ-500), Certified Ethical hacker (CEH) - Master, Cisco Certified Entry network Technician (CCENT), Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP), Master’s Of Cybersecurity (M.S.), Masters of Business Administration (MBA),  Professional Scrum Master I (PSM I), Project Management Professional (PMP) and more. 

"This course absolutely deserve a 5star. It was very detailed and well broken down. In addition, the instructor is great and explains things clearly, with many examples and quizzes to test ability."
"With no previous knowledge of the field, I signed up for PJ Courses with aspirations of becoming familiar and competent enough to seek a career in the near future in Cyber Security. I have now attained my Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) and my Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certificate, as well as a vast array of knowledge."
"I came across your instructional videos and found them extremely helpful especially when preparing for my last interview(got the job). I've introduced your courses to people and actually paid for a friend on her account so she could have access to it as well."


Cancel Anytime. Learn on your own time with short, well video explainers. Each course incorporate true-to-life learning techniques that teach you how to apply your learning in the real world. 

“There are some things you have to experience to understand.”



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