The last couple of Months must have been hard to get through but this is the time we all need to help each other by adhering to the lockdown rules....

Hello Everyone,

Happy Month of May!
The last couple of Months must have been hard to get through but this is the time we all need to help each other by adhering to the lockdown rules and take necessary measures to protect ourselves and those around us. Everything shall pass and we will all be back to our normal lives.

Sadly, restaurant employees, gym employees and millions of others have been forced out of work and left to find their way to survive. And let’s be honest that stimulus check will barely cover the grocery bills. It is a trying time for many… some more than others. Please remember to be kind to one another.

Though things are hard, you can still plant seeds of hope. Thankfully we are able to assist, if you are in Maryland and are underemployed  or unemployed you may be eligible for state funds to cover the cost of 1-2 of our classes. Please reach out to Jaime at [email protected] for information on how you may be able to secure funding. I pray that everyone within the echo of this newsletter will come out of this pandemic stronger than before. Stay safe out there everyone!

I don’t want this month’s newsletter to be all bad news, let’s discuss businesses that are thriving during the PANDEMIC. The restrictions of movement have left people with no option other than staying indoor. People are now forced to engage in online activities, and this has given huge opportunities to online-oriented businesses.

  • Home Entertainments: The entertainment industries have been badly hit by this pandemic, with sporting events all cancelled, cinemas shutdown and movies studios suspended. But in spite of this, home entertainment is thriving even more due to the lockdown. Video streaming services and gaming industries are experiencing huge success. Netflix this year has added over 15 million new subscribers and online games like Call-of-Duty saw a record 60 million players since launching their new Battle Royale game mode in March.
  • E-commerce:  Laws have been passed to encourage everyone to stay at home, schools and recreational facilities have shut down. With these new restriction people have now become more dependent on shopping on line. Think about it Amazon’s owner is now on track to becoming the world's first trillionaire.
  • E-learning: For many, this is an opportunity for self-improvement. One thing you will always need is improvement. Many people are seizing this opportunity to improve their skills and knowledge by taking online courses in software developments, Cyber securities, entrepreneurship and others. Public and private schools have adapted by starting online programs to keep students engaged during this lockdown. Speaking of online programs (shameless plugin alert) don’t forget to check out our CEH, CISSP and Sec+ boot Camps, they’re available online at PJcourses.com. if you are looking to brush up on other subjects, Udemy and CBTNuggets are great places to get your online learning on.

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  • Social Media: It is no surprise that there is now an increase in numbers of social media users since the start of this pandemic. An article in the New York Times, revealed that this Pandemic has changed the way we use the internet. Simply put, people are using video applications more now than ever before. Additionally, websites like Facebook, YouTube, Netflix and applications like WhatsApp and Google Duo have seen a significant rise in users.
  • Telecommuting: Since the start of the Covid-19 crisis, where social distancing has been made a must, many organizations including businesses, religious bodies and government agencies have resorted to working from home to keep employees safe and avoid a halt of operations. This has helped telecommuting platforms like Zoom to skyrocket. The founder’s net worth has increased by more than $4 billion since the start of the pandemic.

Will These Businesses Continue To Thrive After

I do believe that ALL business industries will eventually regain their footing after the pandemic.

Businesses That Are Losing During The Pandemic
The pandemic hit a large part of the world economy, forcing many businesses/industries to shutdown or suspend their activities.

Here are some of the businesses that are losing during the pandemic:

  1. Small Businesses
  2. Manufacturing Companies
  3. Construction Companies
  4. Entertainment Industries(except for home entertainment)
  5. Tourism and Aviation
  6. Hotels
  7. Trade

Will they be able to revive themselves?
The answer is Yes. Industries in demand before the pandemic will survive once the pandemic and the fear of it dies off.

Impact To Cyber Security Careers During The Pandemic

Even though the demand for cyber security jobs has seen some decline, it still outperforms many other sectors during this period.  From my personal experience, Cyber-security jobs are still in demand. People that have graduated my mentorship program are still receiving job offers. If you have been thinking of ever starting a career in Cyber security, I recommend you take this as the time to Seize the Moment. With the lockdown in place and everyone forced to stay indoors, this is the perfect time for creative minds to equip themselves with new skills and knowledge. Take advantage of the lockdown and come out of it as a professional. More than ever, this is the moment where you can learn something new and change your life.


Ousmane is an amazing analyst and simply a great person to know. He's sharp, always friendly, knowledgeable and unafraid to take on any tasks. My conversations with him usually goes something like this:

Me: "Hey Ousmane, build me a service desk application".

Ousmane: ... done! ✔️

"Ousmane, we need to set up a SPLUNK server with full security dashboard for auditing purpose"... done!✔️

"Ousmane, we need some assistance with the CEH boot camp, i need you to quickly get up to speed on metasploit framework"... done.✔️

When Amazon recently made him a job offer, I told him he'd be crazy not to accept the offer and we celebrated over the phone.

Ousmane, I called Jeff and told him he just made the best deal in his company history lol. I'm kidding, of course I didn't call Jeff Bezos, But one things for sure, Amazon will gain tremendous value because they recruited you. I'm happy to have had the opportunity to recognize you and acknowledge your successful contributions to PJ Pros. You're one of a kind, continue to strive for excellence.


Camp schedule:

  • CEH and SEC+ next start date is June 10 – July 10
    Sundays 1-9pm | Weds & Thurs 6:30 – 10:30PM
  • CISSP Boot Camp next start date is July 20 – Sept 6
    Sundays 1-9pm | Mon, Weds & Thurs 6:30 – 10:30PM

Coming soon!

  • Splunk App for Windows Infrastructure:
    This course will teach students how to configure the SPLUNK-app for windows infrastructure. This is an intuitive tool that will provide every security analyst with the visibility they need for their network.
  • PJ Cybersecurity Awareness Training Program:
    PJ Pros will soon release a comprehensive security awareness training course very soon. This will be a free courses for employers to use to train their staff and meet their annual security awareness training requirements.

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